How To Remove SweetPacks Redirections To And

sweetpacksIf when you open your web browser, instead of a usual home page or your favorite search engine you see or, SweetPacks is to blame for this. This company has developed such browser extensions like Ginger, GamePacks, SweetIM, VideoConverter and other. These enable a computer user enhance Internet browsing experience by adding emotions, letting play computer games for free, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes and offering other useful features. Alas, nothing is truly for free.

SweetPacks get its money from advertisements and traffic to the sites promoted. This is where we come to redirections. As soon as you install any of SweetPacks browser extensions, your original Internet settings will be replaced with a new home page and search engine, usually or Moreover you might get such adware like DealPly and PriceGong as extra applications and be flooded with pop-up and in-text advertisements.

SweetPacks plug-ins can be installed from its official website but most commonly they come bundled with other software. This is an unfair but legal way of adware distribution. When a computer user chooses to install a program automatically and does not read carefully all the small print, she does not notice a checkbox marked by default that additional applications will be installed.

As easy it is to obtain SweetPacks redirections, that hard it is to get rid of them. Any company that earns money from sources like advertisements and traffic, is motivated to have as many users and for as long as possible. Therefore SweetPacks toolbars usually do not have uninstall wizards or these are incomplete and do not eliminate the changes made. Many computer users complain that they cannot even locate the toolbar in Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list or among browser extensions. Moreover, antivirus programs they have usually do not detect any problem. The easiest and least time consuming way of removing annoying SweetPacks ads and redirections is to use special tools like Spyhunter. This particular tool is known to be effective with many adware and can remove it together with all unwanted changes automatically. If you choose to save your money and try removing the adware manually, it is strongly recommended to perform a full system scan afterwards because it might have been injected using malware.

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