How to Remove SearchYa

SearchYa is a toolbar that can be added to any of Internet browsers. As the official its developers’ site states, it allows to quickly accessing your favorite websites and web services. The add-on is related to Funmoods and Facemoods browser plug ins and includes some of their features. If one reads SearchYa End User License Agreement, it talks about additional changes caused by the toolbar:

  1. New Tab Page: SearchYa may change your new tab page on any of your browsers to add the SearchYa new tab application or page. The new tab application or page uses some of your original preferences and access your last visited pages, bookmarks, most viewed pages and installed browser apps. Please note that none of this information is retained by SearchYa on its servers.
  2. Changes In Default Search: SearchYa may change your default search engine to add SearchYa’s (or any of SearchYa’s affiliates) search engine; SearchYa’s search engine is provided free of charge, and provides you with great search results.
  3. Changes to your homepage: SearchYa may change your homepage in any of your browsers to allow the SearchYa’s homepage application to provide you with better services.
  4. Installing Browser Add-ons: In order to provide you with the services, SearchYa may install browser add-ons, plugins or widgets to any and all of your browsers.

Let’s have a look at these changes. After you install SearchYa toolbar, your New Tab page, Default Search Engine, Home page will be changed to or any other site promoted by the company. These changes are made without you being able to choose to have them or not. Moreover, you will not be able to undo the changes unless you remove SearchYa from your computer completely. As if this is not enough, the document clearly states that other applications will be installed together with the latter toolbar and again there is no word about a computer user being able to control the process.

It is not strange that SearchYa developers try to make computer users use at any means. Even though the toolbar itself is free of charge, money is earned from the search engine promoted. The website uses a customized Google search engine and the results seem to be legitimate but it also displays deceptive ads. Once you click on them, you may be taken to malicious websites. The company behind SearchYa does not take any responsibility for the content of the 3rd parties it shows.

While it is possible to install SearchYa from its official web site, this is not the widest used way of its distribution. Many times computer users do not know where the toolbar came from. Usually it is bundled with other software and gets installed by default when choosing an automatic installation option.

Although the toolbar itself is not related to malware or viruses, it is recommended to remove it, especially if you did not choose to install it. A simple uninstall procedure will not be enough in many cases because adware like this one is programmed to be resistant to removal. The quickest and easiest way to remove SearchYa is by using special tools that are known to be effective in adware identification and elimination. Spyhunter can detect the add-on and all its related files, remove them automatically and restore your computer settings to those before infection. Moreover, if there was more than one unwanted application installed, it will remove them as well.

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