How to Remove JollyWallet Ads

JollyWalletJollyWallet is an online shopping tool that promises cash back while buying anything on Internet. It also generates discounts and online coupons to be displayed. The JollyWallet toolbar, the JollyWallet Browser Extension Application and the JollyWallet Toolbar Application all are owned and controlled by Radyoos Media Ltd. Although the application itself is not a virus it may be categorized as adware due to the advertisements displayed while browsing the Internet.

JollyWallet can be downloaded from its official website but most often it is installed without a clear computer user’s agreement. As every click on a promotion generates money for Radyoos Media Ltd, it is motivated to have as many application users as possible therefore uses various tricks for its distribution. One of the most common ones is bundling the toolbar with freeware or shareware. After an automatic program installation one ends up having additional applications. All is done legally. Installation wizard informs about JollyWallet to be installed by default. A computer user has a choice to remove the thick box yet many do not notice it.

As soon as the toolbar is added you will start seeing pop-up advertisements, coupons and special offers. You may also see the Cash Back Link Button at the top of your web browser window. Having promotions altering the view of web pages you visit might be very annoying. Moreover, some of the ads might be malicious and clicking on them would infect your computer with viruses. It is recommended to remove JollyWallet, especially if you did not install it yourself. Follow the instructions below for a complete its removal:

  1. Download and run Spyhunter. It will detect and delete malicious entries and any viruses that might have come while having JollyWallet;
  2. Go to Control Panel -> Add and Remove Programs, check if there is anything related to JollyWallet and uninstall the application. If you cannot find anything, go to step 3.
  3. Check if there are any malicious extensions related to JollyWallet in your web browsers:
  • Instructions for Google Chrome: go to Tools → Extensions; click on the trash can icon next to any browser extension related to JollyWallet;
  • Instructions for Mozilla Firefox: go to Tools → Add-ons; select Extensions; remove all extensions that belong to JollyWallet;
  • Instructions for Internet Explorer: go to Tools → Manage Add-ons (for the latest IE version, click on the Settings button); select Toolbars and Extensions; remove all add-ons that are related to JollyWallet.

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