How to get rid of Windows First-Class Protector malware

If your system has become the target of Windows First-Class Protector then surely you have grounds to be worried about your security level. It is not a pleasant undertaking to known that your PC has caught malware so easily, in spite of the fact that you had reliable anti-virus software already. Well, in such cases you might need to reconsider your available AV security tools, probably you should shift to some other, more powerful and reliable sources of protection. In either case, Windows First-Class Protector is not the program to consider while choosing legitimate anti-spyware applications.

The rogue may be the cause of the problems listed below:

  • Disabling Task Manager to terminate rogue’s malicious process.
  • Blocking startups of legitimate security applications and their downloads.
  • Causing possible browser redirect problems.
  • Reporting fake security threats.
  • Prompting users into paying for the licensed version (so-termed ultimate protection).

The hoax described above enters PCs when users hardly notice the installation process. You can’t even terminate its infiltration, unless your AV program warns you of such attack. The malware comes without uninstaller, so one cannot remove Windows First-Class Protector using general software uninstall principles. In such cases other methods are required, in particular, one must use legitimate anti-virus software.

You should understand, first of all, that nothing reported by this rogue anti-spyware is worth your trust. If you think that Windows First-Class Protector is the good program worth buying then you’re seriously mistaken. Don’t ever share you funds with the crooks that developed this badware. Please follow these removal instructions to get rid of this scam –

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