How to fix isecurity.exe virus problem

Isecurity.exe is not the exact name of the virus, but this is the main process of Internet Security malware. When the fake anti-spyware program enters the infected computer it starts its fake scan of your computer. At the quick lapse of time the hoax reports various types of infections and threats supposedly revealed by it during such imitated scan. The plot of the rogue is to make you scared with the fictitious information it gives you. The next step for it would be to persuade you to effect the payment for the licensed version of Internet Security, because it promises to remove those infections after you pay for it. The truth is that this application does not possess with the features to delete real threats.

Internet Security virus does not overburden your PC with the bunch of its malicious files and registry entries. There are typically one file and one registry entry that belong to it. So, its core file is called isecurity.exe. The location of this file depending on the operating system is as follows:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\isecurity.exe for Windows XP
  • C:\ProgramData/isecurity.exe for Windows Vista / Windows Seven
  • Internet Security rogue is not that easy to be removed simply by running some anti-virus program. Every time you try to run the remover you would eventually end up seeing a message that says that the file you are going to execute is infected with some serious virus. But this, of course, is a fake report given by this scareware. The real infection you have on your PC is Internet Security with its isecurity.exe process. If you have problems deleting it please pay attention to this removal guide –

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