How to Eliminate Redirections Caused by Spigot Virus?

spigot_virusSpigot virus is an application that causes redirections to the websites it promotes. It can be added as a toolbar to Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The program itself is legal and does not cause a direct harm to your computer besides the annoying changes it makes. Spigot virus replaces your home page, default search engine and new tab page with its own. What is worse, you cannot undo the changes via browser settings. Spigot virus also modifies your browser settings for address bar search, “DNS error” page and “404 error” page.

Although the official website informs that this application allows you a convenient way to help find search results online by collecting your requests for information and processing them through company’s search engine partners, the truth is that it does not take any responsibility for the content displayed. In other words your computer might get infected when clicking on an advertisement or a link displayed by Spigot virus because it might be malicious or lead to a corrupted website.

Since search tools supported by Spigot virus do not provide any advantage upon those you always used and even increase a risk of getting infected with malware, it is recommended to remove this toolbar. Those having it installed often complain that the application is not listed in Control Panel. To ensure that the toolbar causing redirection is completely removed you should use special Spigot virus removal tools. One of the ways for protecting your computer from similar infections is to select custom installation when adding any free software to your computer and read installation wizard carefully. Unwanted applications like Spigot often come bundled with freeware.

2 Responses to How to Eliminate Redirections Caused by Spigot Virus?

  1. Spigot is not a virus. The installation of its toolbar and extensions is completely optional. I personally declined the offer and no changes were performed to my web browsers. A virus wouldn’t ask for the user’s consent to install itself.

    • Majority of toolbars changing search behavior are malware in my opinion (though not really viruses). In some cases the checkboxes you have to uncheck are hidden under custom installation, and in many cases these toolbars do not have useful function in all browsers but change search settings neverless.

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