How to Completly Remove SweetIM

SweetIMSweetIM is a toolbar that can be classified as adware because it tends to display ads on the computer where it is installed. Moreover it also hijacks default Search engine, Home page and New Tab and replaces it with Most of those having SweetIM do not know how and when it got into the system until they see obvious changes.

The trick that toolbar’s distributors use is bundling it with other software, usually freeware. When you install an application of your choice, for example, a free video files converter and select an automatic installation option, usually you do not read the instructions displayed. This is where many of adware victims get caught on the hook. You are informed about additional toolbars to be installed and can remove the check box this way refusing optional installation therefore theoretically you agree upon having SweetIM with all its consequences when leaving the check box marked by default.

As if pop-up and in-text ads displayed were not bothersome by themselves, you get even more promotions some of which are hidden. Not many know that promoted links are mixed together with your search results in Do not get tricked by an ordinary layout of this search engine. Moreover, when you click on ads or promoted links, you never know if they are free of viruses and will not lead to corrupted websites. Another issue related to having SweetIM is that the toolbar uses cookies and other tracking techniques for monitoring computer user’s Internet browsing behavior. The data might be provided to third parties and used for various purposes, most often for displaying targeted advertisements.

There is no need to convince you to remove SweetIM from your computer. Alas, it is not as easy as it might seem because similar programs are made to be resistant to removal. A simple uninstall is very often not enough. To completely get rid of SweetIM follow the instructions below:

  1. Scan your computer using special SweetIM removal tools, such as Spyhunter. If you choose any other tool, make sure it is effective in adware and browser hijackers’ removal. Many do not detect such a threat.
  2. Go to Control Panel. Check if there is nothing related to SweetIM Toolbar left in Add and Remove Programs list. If you see anything, uninstall it from the list.
  3. Open your Internet browser. Go to extensions/pluggins. Check out that there is nothing SweetIM related. Delete all extensions that are made by anything else than Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Sun or Google. You will have to do this to all the Internet browsers that are installed to your computer.
  4. Reset your Search provider.
  5. Scan with anti-malware program like Spyhunter or Spybot S&D one more time to make sure no threats are left.

For more information and detailed SweetIM removal instructions visit here.

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