FLV Runner Toolbar – How to Remove Redirections Caused by It

FLV Runner ToolbarFLV Runner Toolbar is a software application that was created using Conduit platform. The toolbar allows easy access to online radio, social networks, maps, clock and many other features. It can be added to any Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox. The toolbar itself does not offer any additional functionality besides shortcuts to other applications. Moreover, it is covered by the same Privacy policy as all of Conduit products:

Search Data. As part of the functionality available on the Application, we may offer you search features provided by us and/or other third parties. Additionally, we may use Cookies in the web search services we provide to you. These Cookies collect and store information about your search activity when you use our web search services. This information may be shared with third party applications that use search data to function or to offer you more customized information and services.

It means that once FLV Runner Toolbar is installed to your browser, your home page, search engine and New Tab pages will be changed to its own. Usually one gets redirected to search.conduit.com. It might also be that third parties web pages will be advertised and redirected to, e.g. akaqa.com.

While the toolbar itself is not malicious the search page it advertises might lead to various infections. The company behind the application earns money from advertisements therefore when displaying the search results; you will get advertised links mixed with the actual results. There is no way how to distinguish between the two which makes it very likely for you to press on the promoted link. The company does not take any responsibility for the third parties content displayed, and some of the links advertised might be corrupted and lead to malicious websites.

Another issue to consider when having FLV Runner Toolbar is that it uses cookies and other tracking techniques for collecting data about your Internet browsing habits or any online activities. The information collected might be provided to the third parties and used for many purposes, including displaying of targeted advertisements.

It is highly recommended to remove FLV Runner Toolbar as soon as it has been spotted. Most likely you did not even install it yourself. Usually adware and browser hijackers like the latter are distributed bundled with freeware or shareware. They are also programmed to particularly difficult to remove. If you do not see FLV Runner Toolbar in Control Panel Add and Remove programs you may wish to remove any unfamiliar applications. Yet the most effective way for getting rid of similar infections is to use special antivirus tools, like Spyhunter. Even if you choose to remove the application manually, do not forget to perform a full system scan afterwards to ensure no harm was done to your computer.

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