FBI Paypal Virus – a Dangerous Ransomware

FBI Paypal virus is a computer infection because of which system does not respond to almost any of your commands. After you turn on your PC, you will see only a screen informing that your computer is locked. The message says that it will be unlocked only if one pays the fine. Moreover, the fine is asked to be paid as soon as possible, not later than after 48 hours. Such an urge is not surprising because scammers do not want to leave enough of time for their victim to investigate the situation better and realize the warning is not true.

There are more tricks that cyber criminals use to convince their victims into paying a ransom for unblocking computer from FBI Paypal virus. The message is supposed to be from official police authorities, having logo and the name of the institution in charge. If an infected computer has a webcam installed, it will be turned on and the message will say that video files are used for criminal’s identification. With all of these psychological techniques FBI Paypal virus aims to scare people and many times it succeeds.

Please note, paying the fine will not unblock your computer. The virus will remain in the system and cause even more damage. The only reasonable solution in the current situation is using special antivirus programs and FBI Paypal virus removal instructions for the infection to be eliminated as soon as possible. There are many versions of ransomware like the latter one. In order not to get caught on scammers’ hook always remember that none of official authorities use prepaid payment system like Paypal for collecting money. They also never use such means like remotely blocking one’s computer for fighting the crime.

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