FbDownloader: how to protect your computer from it?

FbDownloader is an add-on that‘s official purpose of use is to make it easy to download photos on Facebook. It is a free of charge application that earns money for its developers from advertisements displayed and the traffic generated to the websites that are promoted. Those that have FbDownloader installed complain that their Home page, default Search engine and New Tab page were changed to search.fbdownloader.com. Some say that their Facebook profile had been affected as well by displaying pop-up web pages on new windows or inserting a link on Facebook page.

If you noticed that your search engine is replaced with search.fbdownloader.com and cannot reset it from browser settings, follow FbDownloader removal instructions. Please note that although it is possible to remove the unwanted application manually, it is recommended to use special its removal tools. It will ensure that all the files related to FbDownloader are deleted. Moreover, if any other adware or browser hijackers were installed together with it, these will be detected as well.

You should be aware of the methods used for browser hijackers like FbDownloader to be distributed and protect your computer from them. One of the ways is bundling unwanted software with freeware or shareware. If you install such a program, always select custom installation option and read carefully installation wizard, remove check boxes informing about any other applications. If the installation wizard is written in any other language than the one you speak, do not install the program at all. Be careful when downloading program updates; get them only from official websites. One of the tricks used is called social engineering, when a victim is being convinced she downloads a useful application whereas in reality she installs the badware manually. Do not open spam e-mails with attachments. These tips should protect your computer from most of browser hijackers and adware.

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