DealWifi – adware or browser hijacker?

When it comes to categorising malware, it can get really tricky deciding whether a particular virus should be clasified as an adware or browser hijacker infection. For instance, DealWifi virus ir primary listed as an adware, but there is a version of this virus called and Those viruses act as a browser hijackers and alwyas come together with DealWifi adware.

Most of browser hijackers can be listed as adware infections, while only a few adware viruses can be named to be also a browser hijacker. That’s because browser hijacker features more attributes and basically is more dangerous. Usually they will change settings on your web browsers and in addition to that, they will display various advertisements or hijack your web searches which is the same advertising only in a different form. On the other hand, adware viruses usually gets installed as an extension on a web browser and users are even not aware about the presence of such addons since it doesn’t modify any important settings. The only thing you can notice is a larger dose of advertisements displayed on various websites and random redirects.

So if the virus clasiffies for both of those criteria, i.e. it’s hijacking web browsers and acting as an adware infection, it should probably be listed as browser hijacker. If it only gets installed on your web browser and displays various advertisements, then it’s obviously an adware.

In this particular case with DealWifi virus we decided to split it to 3 seperate infections. Cyber security experts on even dedicated 3 individual posts to this particular infection. DealWifi is an adware that is added to web browsers and tries to make a living by displaying various advertisements. is a website that is set by DealWifi adware to be serve as a homepage and primary search provider. As it is believed, is an updated version of this browser hijacker.

So as you can see, as a whole, this DealWifi malware could be categorised as a browser hijacker, but sometimes it is worth to seperate the symptoms and give extra ammount of attention to every single one of them. Everydayg users can get confused and lost between all those names of malware, so whenever you are searching the web with a goal to solve a problem, try to search by the symptom, not by the actual name of particular problem. This way you will enhance your chances of discovering the information you really need.

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