Critical Error. Hard drive controller failure notice

“Critical Error. Hard drive controller failure” alert displayed in the right-bottom part of your computer screen might signal about your system infection. Most likely you will see more than this one message informing about your PC malfunctioning or even discover that some of your files are gone. Although the symptoms seen are worrisome, there is a completely different problem related to them than the one these notices try to tell you about. You have a Fake HDD program and most likely its version called File Restore. It pretends to be an antivirus although it is a rogue by itself. Cyber criminals who created it use strong psychological techniques such as making an infected computer user believe that the system needs urgent repair which is supposedly to be made by a paid full version of the program. Do not believe File Restore virus messages and remove it as soon as detected.

Complete quotation from File Restore Virus notification:

Critical Error
Hard drive controller failure


Removal guide:

To eliminate the reason of messages like “Critical Error. Hard drive controller failure” displaying you should remove the File Restore virus. A detailed removal guide is available at the following address: .

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