Conduit Hijackers – How to Remove Them?

conduit_redirectConduit hijackers are a vast family of browser hijackers that once installed to an infected computer cause changes to default search engine, home page, new tab page, might add promoted websites to bookmark list, and modify “Page not Found” functionality. All of the changes usually are not welcomed by computer users. The modifications are caused by toolbars, browser extensions and add-ons, such as Conduit Redirect, VisualBee, Whitesmoke and many others. Those, whose computer got infected with Conduit hijackers, complain about being redirected to website or related addresses.

Although all of the applications owned by Conduit Ltd. might be found and installed from official websites this happens very seldom. One of the most common Conduit hijacker’s distribution methods is bundling them with other software, such as free video file converters, torrents, etc. Once such a free program is downloaded and an automatic installation option is selected, additional toolbars are activated by default. This is a legal way of distributing applications because a computer user has an option to refuse installation of toolbars like Conduit hijackers, yet many do not pay attention to the installation wizard steps and click on “next” without reading the information. The only way to avoid adding browser hijackers and adware is to always select custom installation and remove checkboxes for unfamiliar applications.

If you already added Conduit hijacker to your browser and suffer redirections as well as pop-up ads, you might have already noticed that getting rid of this application is a tricky issue. A simple reset of your home page and default search engine will not help. In many cases Conduit hijacker will not be listed in Control Panel as well. These are the tricks that companies like Conduit Ltd. use to keep their clients as long as possible. Yet special antimalware tools can help to remove these unwanted applications automatically. For a complete deletion you should follow detailed instructions, such as Conduit Redirect removal guide.

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