Adware infections: prepare yourself for endless streams of advertisements

Ad-based parasites have become notorious for their aggressive and persistent marketing strategies, always aiming at the biggest revenues. Online advertisements, as we hope you know, are not always the most transparent and conforming with the essential rules of cyber security. Their content could be misleading and deceptive, aiming to trick into believing clickable ads. If […]

WinDealist adware

WinDealist is an adware program displaying tons of annoying content. These are popup ads displayed when visiting a lot of commercial web-sites like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. These ads are displayed when you move your mouse towards some items being sold, and then you will see “See Similar” button popping up. Soon WinDealist window appears […]

Desk 365 Adware – how to avoid popups

Desk 365 is an adware program that infiltrates into computers bundled with free programs from the Internet. The program was developed by 337 Technology Limited few months ago. It claims to be a tool that will help you managing your programs, desktop shortcuts and provide you easier access to the applications you are using the […]

RegClean Pro – How to Remove it?

RegClean Pro is a rogue anti-spyware program (a rogue registry cleaner), very similar to RegClean or RegClean 2008. It works as follows: a free trial version of the program is installed to a computer; it imitates a system scan and uses various psychological techniques in order to convince its victims into buying a full version […] Hijacker hijacker is an unwanted application responsible for redirections to its promoted website as well as displaying of advertisements while browsing the Internet. Although it is possible to download application from its official website, usually computer users do not know how these redirections started and what caused them. One of the most common ways of […]