The poison of browser hijackers: disruptive features you cannot miss

There are so many browser hijackers circulating that it would be impossible to estimate the exact number. However, the impact left by these rogue search platforms is undeniable: whether it is a demonstration of sponsored and quite irrelevant results to search queries, or an automatic infiltration of additional malware samples. In both cases, hijackware samples […]

Why Qvo6 Virus is Dangerous to Your Computer

Qvo6 Virus is an unwanted application that causes redirections to the websites it promotes. You may find it listed as a browser hijacker because after installing the extension your home page, default search engine and new tab page are no longer those that you set up. If you go to Internet Options and try to […]

How to Remove PUP.DataMngr

PUP.DataMngr is the name by which Search Results Toolbar is detected by most of antivirus programs. While the add-on itself offers such functionalities as quick access your preferred social networks, eBay, YouTube, and many other applications by adding shortcuts to your Internet browser it also causes redirections to unwanted websites. Such Internet pages like, […]

Incredibar – How to Remove It?

Incredibar is a browser add-on that depending on its version allows watching youtube videos, checking weather reports, accessing your music from everywhere, and playing games. It can be added to any of Internet browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome. The toolbar itself is free of charge. The company Perion that owes it earns […]

Trojan Win32.Medfos.a

Trojan Win32.Medfos.A is a Trojan Horse that is programmed to redirect the opened web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) to pay per click websites, e.g. and The other feature, characteristic to this Trojan as well as its other version Medfos.B are lots of pop-up advertisements that interrupt work with an infected computer. […]

United States Cyber Security virus – how to unlock infected PC

Recently a new ransomware program has been successfully developed and launched into the realms of the world wide web. This malicious application is spread in the form of a special Trojan known as Reveton that locks the entire desktop, without giving the option to users to do anything else on their PCs unless they pay […]

FunMoods hijacker

FunMoods is a toolbar that is installed to a browser together with other programs. Usually it goes with certain video grabber software, PDF creators or programs that are distributed for free. After the program is installed FunMoods toolbar replaces default search provider to his own. It states that the change was made to display entertaining […]