Boxore ads – what it is and how to remove them?

boxoreBoxore Adware is an annoying application that displays advertisements whenever you open Internet. It affects both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. As the developers of this add-on say, it looks only at keywords inside pages you visit and show only those ads that match your interests and likes, this does not make it more likeable, especially when most of the time Boxore adware gets installed without a conscious user’s agreement.

One of the most common ways to get infected with this adware is after downloading freeware or shareware. Boxore comes bundled with it, particularly with PlayerPlus. Please note, only those PlayerPlus versions that are distributed via web pages showing on-line movies and TV series, are bundled with this unwanted application. If you choose to get a player from its official site, you should get a clean version.

When you choose to install a codec automatically, Boxore adware will be marked to be added by default. One can take a check box off but not many notice it, especially when the install guide is written in another language than English. This is a legal way of distributing adware and many companies use it in order to get more clients.

There are several ways how to remove Boxore adware. You may try to uninstall it manually from Control Panel but remember that together with it other unwanted software might have been installed therefore manual removal often does not do the trick to get rid of the annoying ads. You might also want to go through all browser extensions and remove one by one until you find the faulty ones. This is a time consuming method therefore many choose to use automatic adware removal tools. Make sure the one you use definitely can remove Boxore adware. Some antivirus programs are not capable of detecting this type of infection.

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