virus: one of the most successful browser hijackers in India

There are thousands of browser hijackers that never receive attention from surfers and do not occupy any significant domination in the rankings of top-visited domains. However, infection strikes as a rather popular infection which has received a lot of surfers from India.

In this country, the suspicious tool for searching obtains 4,150 place. According to the additional traffic analysis, the visitation sky rocked after February of 2017 and has not significantly dropped since. There might have been certain variations, but the engine is still on top. virus

Besides India, browser hijacker has infected people from Spain and Portugal. Therefore, we are glad to announce that we can provide you with removal guides in Portuguese and Spanish languages. Knowing that manually removing infections can be complicated, we hope that reading them in a more familiar frame will help you.

Symptoms of are as following:

1. Unauthorized modifications to former browsers’ preferences. Also, you cannot assign new domains in positions of home pages, default search providers and new tab pages. This is because Bitmotion Tab keeps returning.
2. Windows Task Manager can indicate a high percentage of utilized CPU resources. If you are barely running any applications, this can easily be indicated as a sign of malware.
3. Advertisements keep popping up while you browse. Most of them invite you to try out security software applications, engage in surveys, download updates or visit new domains. Also, rogue pop-ups could show false positives, meaning, that they will inform you about viruses in your operating system and have no proof to support their statements.
4. Redirection constantly reroutes you to websites you had never seen. Remember that many third-party domains could be designed to use strategies of exploit kits. This means that if there are any vulnerabilities in your device, payload of malware will have no problem getting in.
5. You cannot access other search providers. If you try to go to Google, can appear instead. This feature does not always happen, but we have heard of such cases.
6. Rogue browser extension could modify other browsers’ settings as well. For instance, it could allow automatic installation of additional add-ons. Of course, if such a setting is enabled, user won’t be informed about the installation.

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