AV Security Essentials virus

AV Security Essentials

AV Security Essentials

AV Security Essentials, beyond any doubt, is the real virus application designed to “pickpocket” simple PC users. It is very similar to Microsoft Security Essentials legitimate anti-virus program. However, you should differentiate between two such various programs. There is a program called Microsoft Security Essentials which is a decent one. It is installed upon user’s consent and, similarly, can be easily uninstalled (without any remnants left). However, there is a virus program bearing the name of AV Security Essentials. It behaves like a typical rogue. This is what we are going to talk about right now. When it penetrates inside of the attacked computer users should stay on the alert and not to allow it to trick or fool them. Of course, they should also be careful and not to disclose any of their personal of bank details, since this rogue would eventually offer users to purchase it.

When AV Security Essentials virus is inside of the infected computer it will be started automatically with every Windows startup. Thus, it not really care whether you want to see it or not. As soon as it is up and running it would immediately initiate the bogus system scan of your machine. Then, upon its termination, this scam would tell you about all kinds of viruses, threats and malwares available on your computer. You should not ever trust the scareware. All facts stated by it are just the pack of lies far away from the reality. And, of course, this rogue security program would offer for you to purchase its full version. Never follow its numerous tricks! Make sure and delete AV Security Essentials immediately before it has damaged your PC considerably. In order to effectively get rid of this virus and uninstall it you need to download some good anti-virus program from the Web. Please find the excellent removal guide to delete this rogue – http://www.2-viruses.com/remove-av-security-essentials

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