“Ads not by this site” – an Annoying Adware

ads-not-by-this-site“Ads not by this site” is an adware that causes various advertisements to be displayed whenever you browse the Internet. It might even alter the layout of websites, such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other that you visit. The types of ads can be pop-ups, boxes, coupons, deals and many more. You can suspect your computer is infected with “Ads not by this site” when you see them displayed on sites that usually do not have any, for example Wikipedia. You may see a tiny text “Ads not by this site” just below the advertisement.

Not many or probably none of computer users want to have these ads to be displayed yet removal of the files causing pop-ups is not that easy. Most likely you will not see the program “Ads not by this site” listen in Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list. If you are not that computer savvy and do not know enough to delete files in Registry, use legitimate antimalware tools effective in adware removal. For detailed “Ads not by this site” deleting instructions and the tools refer here.

In order to avoid similar infections in the future always select custom installation when adding any programs to your computer. Read carefully installation wizard and remove the check boxes for any additional applications and toolbars. When downloading program updates get them ONLY from official websites.

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