AddLyrics adware

addlyricsAddLyrics is a toolbar that‘s main function is to find lyrics to any song viewed on Youtube and display them alongside the music video. While the application is free of charge and might seem useful for some its developers earn money from displaying advertisements for those having it. Due to this reason AddLyrics is classified as adware. It causes “Ads not by this site” to be displayed. This is what the toolbar’s EULA say about advertising:

The Software is free to use and sponsored by advertising. The use of the Software may cause additional ads to appear when browsing certain websites. These may include search, price comparison ads, coupons, pop-unders/ups, banner, inline text or transitional ads.
The Company is not affiliated with or responsible for any third party websites, products, services or offers promoted in any advertisements or links made available through the Services (“Third Party Service”).

It means that you might be exposed to pop-up or in-text advertisements that are not necessary related to reliable companies or websites. If clicking on such an ad (purposely or accidently) you might be taken to a malicious website and your computer might get infected with viruses. Moreover, if you read Privacy Policy, you will also find that cookies and other tracking technologies are being used for monitoring your online behavior and browsing habits. The aim is to display more targeted advertisements.

Although one can download AddLyrics from its official website and install it to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome, most often a computer user does not choose to have this toolbar added. Adware like the latter is usually distributed bundled with freeware. After one installs a wanted application and selects automatic installation, toolbars like AddLyrics are added by default. You can take a checkbox off and refuse to install unwanted applications but many simply do not notice it. Moreover some of adware creators write installation guides in languages that not many of us understand.

While AddLyrics adware is not related to viruses itself, it is highly recommended to remove it once noticed because it increases the risk of getting infected with malware. Although manual removal is possible, very often it is complicated to do it. You should remove all unfamiliar programs from Control Panel and uninstall all of unknown browser extensions from the Internet browsers you use. Please note, this is a time consuming method therefore we recommend using antivirus for AddLyrics removal. Spyhunter is effective in detecting and eliminating many unwanted applications including the latter. Moreover, if any of viruses have already infected PC, it will detect and remove them as well. If you choose a manual removal, perform a full system scan with your computer’s antivirus afterwards.

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