A negative effect of Babylon toolbar

babylon-redirect-virusBabylon is software that can be added as a toolbar to any of Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. It offers free translation solutions to more than 75 languages. Babylon is being distributed via company’s official website babylon.com or using affiliate program. Although the software itself is free and might be found as useful the ugly side of it is that together with Babylon you will get a new search tool search.babylon.com which will hijack all of your search inquiries. Note, this web page is not any better than other search tools. On the contrary, it blends paid advertisements with your search results therefore you never know what you click on.

In many cases Babylon might be distributed using unfair or even illegal ways. These can be applied by affiliates that are motivated to get as many users as possible because they get paid for every new client. One of the unfair ways of Babylon distribution is installing it bundled with other software. You might choose to have some program and start an automatic installation process. A small print will say that Babylon will be installed together with it and the option will be marked as a checkbox by default. Many computer users do not notice this option and end up with unwanted program that is difficult to remove.

All legitimate tools have their uninstall wizard and after they are being removed, the changes made by the software should be restored to the ones before the installation. This is not the case with Babylon. Some say that even after removing the toolbar from Control Panel Add and Remove Programs list, checking that there is nothing related to Babylon in add-ons, it still keeps redirecting to search.babylon.com. Uninstalling and reinstalling of Internet browser does not always help as well. Although there are tools available for removing adware automatically, not all of anti-malware programs detect Babylon and all of its related entries. For a complete removal of this toolbar one should use special tools and follow Babylon uninstall procedure.

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