System Care Antivirus is Not a Legitimate Program

System Care Antivirus is a fake antivirus that displays warning messages informing about computer damage. Please note, there are legitimate programs under a very similar name and the alerts that they display are true. Cyber criminals choose names and design for their scam very similar to the legitimate tools on purpose. They aim to confuse their victims and convince them into spending money. Yet there are several ways of how to identify a fake antivirus like System Care Antivirus:

  1. If a computer scan is started without you giving the command and the name of the program displaying the results is not the same as the one you have as antivirus installed to your computer, it might be you are facing a rogue.
  2. Read the text of the warnings that are displayed. If it asks you to purchase a full version of the program for the threat to be removed, this might be another sign of rogue infection. For example, System Care Antivirus may display such an alert:

    Application cannot be executed. The file regedit.exe is infected.
    Please activate your antivirus software.

  3. The last but not least important sign of an infection is related to its removal. You will not be able to simply uninstall System Care Antivirus just like any other rogue program.

There is no need to tell that it is very important to get rid of this scareware as soon as you detect it. System Care Antivirus might block your existing computer security software which leaves it unprotected and may cause more serious infections. Do not pay anything that the program asks. It will not only solve your problem but also give your credit card details to the criminals. For a secure System Care Antivirus removal follow the guide available.

Having your computer system not updated increases a risk of getting infected. The exploits target outdated PC software, for example Flash players or Java that allow hackers to install any program on vulnerable PC. Another danger to get infected is by installing a virus yourself. A tactics called social engineering is widely used by cyber criminals. For example, you might get convinced to download a new version of Acrobat Reader but instead of it you install a malware. When getting any updates, always make sure you get them from official websites and not some ads. These couple of tips should help to better protect your PC.

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