22Apple – a Browser Hijacker that is Better to be Removed

22Apple22Apple is one of unwanted applications that are responsible for changing an infected computer‘s home page, default search engine and new tab page to the one they promote. In this particular case, if your computer is infected, you will see redirections to 22Apple.com. The latter website is a customized search tool. Although you may use it and get search results, these will not be the same as those you see using google.com or any other well known search page. Companies like the one owning 22Apple.com earn money from advertisements. Promoted websites are usually displayed among the first page search results. An unaware user would click on such an advertised link and earn money for the company.

There are several reasons why 22Apple should be removed from an infected computer even though it is not a virus and does not cause a direct harm to the system. First of all, search results are not fair and do not deliver the service you want to have. Second, browser hijackers like 22Apple tend to use cookies and other tracking technologies for monitoring of computer user’s online behavior which breaches your privacy. Third, the information gathered is used for marketing purposes, e.g. for displaying of targeted advertisements. Pop-up ads would not only hinder your work but also alter the web pages you visit. The last reason is that having 22Apple increases getting your computer infected with viruses and Trojans. You might accidently click on a link or an ad that is malicious or lead to a corrupted web page which would result in computer infection.

Once you are already convinced that 22Apple must be removed, especially if you did not install it purposely, you should know that simply changing your home page and default search engine in browser settings will not do any good. Browser hijackers like 22Apple are programmed to be difficult to remove. You will need to strictly follow this unwanted application removal instructions. It is always recommended to scan your computer for any viruses that might have gotten inside while having browser hijacker installed.

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